To Do vs Today

Time ticks by day after day. It never seems like there is enough of it. My to do list can grow to extraordinary lengths and just seems to keep growing. 

How do we reconcile the to do with the today?

Priorities. What is most important? Commitments are important and it’s not that we chose one over the other, it’s a matter of what should come first and what should come last.

Often we make too many commitments. 

Yet, because of integrity we keep them. 

So while the to do list is long and some things can be marked off, there are others that have to be kept.  Where are the hours in the day to complete them? What will suffer and wait so others can be completed?

It is a daily choice. 

Life needs to be simpler – something to enjoy, not stress over.

Evaluate what has to be done, what needs to be done, and what can be done. We will always disappoint someone – who do we want that someone to be?

 Author - Sheri Smith