2015 Time Crawls By

People have always said, “Time sure flies!”  I’ve never felt that way. It seems that I experience every day to its fullest or most extreme.  Maybe when I am in my seventies and eighties I will feel that way, but right now I am in the thick of life and everyday if packed with chores, school, work, and fun.

The past year has brought huge changes to our full time traveling adventures. Our oldest son, Cody Smith, worked as an EMT over the winter in Spearfish, SD and then took a job as a National Park Ranger at Dinosaur National Monument. His girlfriend from SD became his fiancé over the summer and then his wife on Oct 11th, 2015. We spent the late summer and fall with them, planning the wedding, having adventures, and hanging out in the beautiful Utah/Colorado corner near the monument. 

Cody and Madison’s wedding was held in Panguitch, Utah among the gorgeous fall aspen trees with family attending.  Our oldest daughter, Hanna, came along with her soon to be fiancé, Adam.  Hanna is a full time reporter for a county newspaper in Missouri.  She is enjoying the non-stop action and excitement of covering multiple cities and topics.  She burns up the roadways for work and fun.  Her wedding is being planned for the spring of 2016 in southern Missouri.

We have four children who still travel full time with us. Down to six people in the camper makes it seem so roomy!  2015 saw us camping in

  • Maypearl, TX
  • Chadwick, MO
  • Somewhere in KS
  • Montrose, CO
  • Vernal, UT
  • Pahrump, NV

The SmithPRO company has expanded and grown to include a drone for aerial video, being a full time sports agent for Professional Bull Rider Mike Lee, founding a non-profit called Warriors And Rodeo, writing, co-hosting talk shows, photography, a women’s group, preaching, teaching, and other general mayhem.

We went off-roading in Missouri and Utah, went white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking. We covered seven states so far this year and may cover two more before the end of the year.
Are we ready to settle down? I’m not. I don’t want a house yet, unless it is free.  I enjoy our adventures.  Pretty soon I’ll have two kids married and will want to visit them. 

A house and full time travel is too expensive for us so if I have to choose – I choose “The Lemonade Digest – squeezing every drop out of life.”

Author - Sheri Smith