Travel Dangers

Beware of cute kittens, they might steal your heart! They are not the only thieves and dangers out there as we travel. Sheri Smith,the mom of this traveling crew, shares some thoughts on traveling dangers and the articles to come.

Traveling full time brings many exciting adventures.  Most times these are pleasant experiences that the entire family enjoys.  Other times we have encountered alligators, snakes, spiders, sharks, bears, and according to the National Park signs – the vicious chipmunk and squirrel.

Many dangers that we come across while traveling are not any different than those who live in that region might have.  The main difference is that we experience them all at one time or another as we criss-cross the country.

Whether it is an animal danger weather danger people danger or imagined danger – we have to face them all.

Traveling with small children adds to the difficulties.  Snakes on the trails, in the road, and around our campsite have been exceptionally difficult.  Mountain Lions and bobcats are both a concern when we head into their territory.

My husband always says we have more to fear from people than we do animals. So in the next couple of months we will share stories of almost being in a WalMart shooting, a crazy drug addict at a homeless camp, the “seemingly” deadly kayaking trip, health crisis’s, ATV accidents, and dangers to our soul.

We will be updating the magazine daily so be sure to check back for new articles.  There is a tab on the side that shows the most recent.

These articles aren’t made to put fear into the weary traveler but instead to address the realities of taking our home into unknown areas.  With knowledge there is less incident of accident.  After reading each article I hope you walk away with information that will aid you and your family.

One of the greatest dangers is to our soul.  Temptation and bad influences for us and our children are everywhere.  My only hope is that through traveling full time my husband and I have grown stronger in our wisdom and faith in God and that my children will also have been tested and found true in things of the heart, mind, and soul.

They should be better equipped than I was to handle life in this crazy, but awesome, world of ours!

Author - Sheri Smith